Pulse, A Massive world of thriving magic ancient civilizations and great natural beauty. To often prophecies speak of the end of days, the destruction of the world brought forth by lifes constant struggle for dominance and power. What is overlooked in these doom tidings is the true resilience of the great planes of existence. The "end" has come by way of a 77 year war of magic, the third and longest of its kind, but the world is not destroyed. just changed irrevocably and completely, Into a roiling tumultuous realm of wild magic and ever shifting reality. The apocalypse resonance has whiped out all memory of magical techniques leaving sentient life all but helpless against the ever changing environments of this new world. Ruins reminiscent of the prewar golden age of magic lay abandoned across the surface and deep within the earth. Great beasts and horrors that have learned to adapt to this new chaotic world roam unchecked hunting and feeding on the unwary. Indeed nature itself is thriving and adapting as it always has to these changes. It appears that the only thing facing its end is sentient life itself. This is a story of the survival or extinction of the remaining sentient beings as they attempt to rediscover what was lost in hopes of adapting to the consequences of their ancestors actions before they are consumed by this new Primal world

Mage The Restoration

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